Body of Knowledge

Women in Grassroots Communication - Women's Participation in Communication: Elements of a Framework
by P. Riaņo

From publisher's web page: How and to what extent are women in grassroots communication creating avenues for democratic communication and fostering social change? How is grassroots communication consolidating women's views and perspectives on gender subordination and social transformation? Women in Grassroots Communication brings together a stellar cast of contributors from across the globe--Africa, Asia, Latin America, and North America--to answer these and other questions. First, they review the various frameworks for addressing the relationship between women, participation, and communication, looking at the ways women have been perceived. Next, the authors look at the social roles of women in their communities, their capabilities to communicate, and their informal networks at the local and community levels. The third section focuses on media production and the issues of media competency, identity, representation, evaluation, and group process. Finally, by looking at the connections between women's participatory practices and wider sociopolitical initiatives, the final chapters examine the issues of organization, leadership, and communication strategies.

Publication Type: Article / Chapter / Essay: 27 pages
Publisher: Sage Publications (1994)
Location: Thousand Oaks, USA
Language: English
ISBN: 0803949065

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