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Body of Knowledge

Training for Agriculture and Rural Development 1997-98
by Loy Van Crowder (ed.)

Extract from introduction: The Rome Declaration on World Food Security (FAO, 1996) stated that "Food production and rural development, particularly in those countries with significant food security inadequacies, require appropriate and up-to-date technologies which, according to sustainable development criteria and local food traditions, promote modernization of local production methods and facilitate transfer of technology. Full benefit from these technologies will require training, education and skill development programmes for local human resources". The articles in the 1997-98 issue of Training for Agriculture and Rural Development (TARD) address a wide range of issues, strategies and lessons learned from applying agricultural training, education, extension and communication to the development of human resources to achieve food security.

Publication Type: Journal
Publisher: FAO (1998)
Location: Rome, Italy
Language: English

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